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qualitape logo small    "Experts in Expanding Foam Tape"

Home Testimonials


“A thorough understanding of the material properties of our components, lead Qualitape to come up with a solution to the adhesion problems we had been experiencing over a long period of time. A combination of technique, preparation and a change of adhesive has seen complaints of adhesive failure fall to zero”.                 Peter. Telecommunications


“We were tasked to come up with ways in which we could demonstrate a reduction in our carbon foot print by our biggest supermarket customer. Qualitape’s novel suggestion of doubling the length of our hand rolls in our packing department was the first of many ideas they put forward that made a major impact in meeting the reduction targets we had been set”.                                                         Ajeet. Food Processing Industry


“Qualitape has redefined the word ‘Service’ for my company. Supplying us first class products that are second to none and always being on hand to offer assistance, puts them at the top of our suppliers list”.                                   Derek. Sign Manufacturer


“We appreciate a no waffle, - straight forward approach in engineering, and it's Qualitape’s experience in dealing with some of the challenges we have faced in our history and the advice that they have always brought to the table, that makes them part of the process for us"                                                       Malcolm. Specialist Vehicle Manufacturer


“Reputations stick, and for us when the name ‘Qualitape’ is mentioned it immediately inspires confidence. They have set a benchmark for us that is hard for other suppliers to replicate”.                                                          Alan. Construction/Glazing Industry